"PPC Marketing Software for SAAS & Cloud business"

  • ROI driven clients choose ClickSweeper.

    SAAS & Cloud business, Online Service Companies, and Marketing & SEM Agencies

  • Smarter Bidding Strategies.

    Select the bidding strategy that matches your marketing goals. Rank, Conversion, ROI, Analytics or Budget

  • Simplified Campaign Management.

    Simple or automated campaign management with Bidding Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Ad Copy Review and
    Trend Alerts

  • Extended Ad Network.

    Manage campaigns within and across multiple networks including search, display, website, category, and retargeting

Data Integration to optimize SAAS campaign

ClickSweeper now gives you the ability to integrate 3rd party data such as lead quality data from SAAS or Cloud business. With the integration of 3rd party data into ClickSweeper PPC management you can further improve your search marketing campaign.

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Maximum control over Keyword Bidding

ClickSweeper manages keyword bidding across Google ad networks including keyword search, display network, product ads, Google shopping, websites, categories or retargeting.

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Rank driven bidding for B2B or B2C Campaigns

Rank driven bidding is especially effective for branding campaigns and when competition is intense. This bidding strategy is a favorite for our corporate customers who need to maintain high rankings on keyword searches.

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