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Analytics based bidding


More Conversions, Higher Time on Site

Analytics based bidding optimizes bids based on keyword performance. With this strategy enabled, ClickSweeper daily rebids (using Google Analytics data) to concentrate ad spending on the highest converting keywords and the highest time on site keywords. The end result is more conversions over time and more clicks with longer time on site recorded.

  • Objective - Increase the time on site and analytics-based conversion count on paid search campaigns.
  • How It Works - ClickSweeper tiers the campaigns keywords into 5 tiers based upon time on site. It then allows both custom and 6 standard tiering strategies based upon the campaign’s analytics fingerprint.
  • When to Use - When conversion count is small or the goal of the campaign is for branding and image boosting.
  • Recommended Users - Corporate marketers and B2B marketers


You can set custom and 5 standard tiering strategies for bidding analytics bidding. Additionally, you can filter (by pausing or setting at a custom fixed bid) keywords with extremely low time on site or extremely high bounce rate. Additionally, as with any ClickSweeper bidding strategy, you can select Rank Based bidding to fine tune your campaigns. Your options include setting values for guaranteed ranking or keyword bid price at the campaign, ad group or keyword levels.