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Budget based bidding


More Clicks Per Dollar, Extend Campaign Run-times

The budget-based bidding strategy in ClickSweeper maximizes the click count and ad exposure for a given PPC budget. ClickSweeper automatically and daily revises the bids down to the keyword level. Each day it fine tunes each keyword bid based on the performance data it collects continuously. ClickSweeper gets as close to spending the daily budget as possible without going over your pre-set limit.

Extend Campaign Run-Times

Because of ClickSweeper’s sophisticated bidding algorithm, you can extend the run time of your campaigns without going over your preset daily spending limit. ClickSweeper seeks budget-conscious clicks to stretch out the campaign over the course of the day. Other bidding tools don’t endeavor to extend the campaign run time and may cause a campaign run out of budget in a few hours.

  • Objective - Increase both the traffic (clicks) and conversions and keep the budget under tight control.
  • How It Works - ClickSweeper automatically rebids to generate the greatest number of clicks while enhancing the conversion performance. It works to get the best results possible within a given budget.
  • When to Use - This bidding strategy is a favorite for our resellers who manage campaigns for small businesses. It is an excellent choice when the daily conversion count is typically a low number.
  • Recommended Users - Limited Budget, Local/Small Business, Traffic increasers


With the budget-based bidding option enabled, you can still select a guaranteed ranking or set a max bid price at the campaign level.