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Advanced Campaign Management Features - Campaign Copy

ClickSweeper supports the creation and revision of campaigns in both Google and MSN. It also gives you the ability to copy campaigns within and between Google and MSN.

Synchronizing MSN campaigns with Google campaigns is one of most frequent campaign management tasks required of SEM marketers and agencies. Unlike other campaign management tools that require file downloading and uploading, ClickSweeper is as simple as copy and paste. ClickSweeper allows you to simply copy the source campaign and paste it into the destination account where you can then apply a bid ratio. Once copied, the campaign can then be edited as needed.

When copying a campaign using ClickSweeper, one of the elements copied over is the keyword bid. To allow optimum flexibility in bid management, ClickSweeper includes a ‘Bid Multiplier’ feature that will automatically reset the range of initial bids when the source campaign and destination campaign have different keyword price ranges or budgets. For example, if a new campaign targets a geographic location with stiff competition, the bid can be raised by 25% or 50% above the source campaign’s bid price. Conversely, if a Google campaign is copied over to MSN, it is likely that keyword competition will be less and the initial bid price can be lowered by 25% or 50%. The ability to adjust bids at the campaign or AdGroup level allows for easy campaign optimization as well as providing significant time savings.

For those who manage multiple client accounts, ClickSweeper gives you the ability to copy campaigns from one client to another. As long as the source and destination accounts have the same structure, campaigns can be copied to multiple accounts simultaneously, again providing significant time savings.