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Conversion driven bidding


More Conversions

Conversion bidding optimizes bids based on keyword performance. With this strategy enabled, ClickSweeper daily rebids to concentrate ad spending on the highest converting keywords, and reduces spending on keywords that don’t convert as often. The end result is more and more conversions over time.

  • Objective - Increase the conversion count and the return on ad spending (ROAS)
  • How It Works - ClickSweeper automatically rebids to generate the greatest number of conversions. When multiple conversion types and/or dynamic sales revenue are tracked within a campaign, ClickSweeper continuously improves the ROAS by calculating daily keyword performance.
  • When to Use - This bidding strategy is an excellent choice when campaign performance fluctuates and there is no specific performance goal. It is a favorite for online lead generation for B-to-B sales efforts.
  • Recommended Users - Lead generation, form conversions, Large scale B2B, small e-commerce


As with any ClickSweeper bidding strategy, you can select Rank Based bidding to fine tune your campaigns. Your options include setting values for guaranteed ranking or keyword bid price at the campaign, ad group or keyword levels.