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As the number of advertisers using PPC (Pay Per Click) has increased, competition on keywords has also intensified. This increased keyword competition has resulted in bringing bid prices up to sustain top positions, and reducing return on advertising spend. For many E-merchants, this raises the question; is there a way to continue utilizing PPC and yet manage costs and maximize returns even in today’s intensely competitive market? We believe the answer is yes.

Introducing, ClickSweeper, a proprietary PPC management software tool that manages keyword bid prices.

Is ClickSweeper right for your business?

Following is a summary of the key features and benefits of ClickSweeper to help you determine if this tool is right for you.

  • ClickSweeper offers a very sophisticated bidding strategy called the Keyword ROI Driven algorithm. Its primary function is to maximize PPC ad returns and minimize costs.
  • ClickSweeper also supports dynamic end-of-sale amount tracking through AdWords or Google Analytics, making bid management based on ROAS much more meaningful than the CPA alternative. However, if end-of-sale tracking data is not available, ClickSweeper offers CPA as well.
  • The Keyword ROI algorithm updates bids based on the last 30 days keyword CPA or ROAS. ClickSweeper re-evaluates keyword performance every day and adjusts bids based on the advertiser’s target CPA or ROAS goal, managing all of the keywords instantaneously providing both money and time savings.
  • ClickSweeper allows different target goal settings per keyword. As not all keywords are equally important, setting a campaign level goal as opposed to keyword goals may hurt some keywords’ performance drastically. This is avoided with ClickSweeper.

How it works

ClickSweeper classifies keywords in a campaign into four different groups every day:

  • Good performing
  • Fair performing
  • Poor performing
  • Demoting

Good performing keywords are promoted to generate more conversions. ClickSweeper has a variety of smart logic to prevent over bidding, and also allows users to set max bid.

The Fair performing keywords group will have about the same CPA or ROAS performance as the target goal. Therefore bid edits are skipped.

Poor performing keywords are penalized to cut the spending and pursue target goal.

Demoting keywords are the worst performing group, and eventually will not be generating any more clicks. Within ClickSweeper, users can control the demotion speed based on campaign properties.

This approach can justify each keyword’s spending, while also saving time and effort for e-tailers. A greater percentage of the advertising budget will be allocated to historically proven keywords as shown below:


The following sample graphs show how the Keyword ROI algorithm performed on a campaign over a 3 month period.

As seen above, while conversion counts were preserved, cost/conversion (CPA) and ROAS were greatly improved. Even though CPC increased, its increase is justified because conversions levels and cost/conversion improved.

How ClickSweeper can benefit your PPC campaign

It is becoming increasingly difficult to run a profitable PPC campaign and nowhere is ROI more important than in the e-merchant market. Simply bringing more traffic to your site is not a solution. Challenges include managing thousands of keywords, optimizing allocation of your click dollars, and evaluating conversion performances on a keyword level. If you are an E-merchant facing any of these challenges, then ClickSweeper may be the solution. If your campaign is running well, it can be improved with sophisticated bid editing. If your campaign is in trouble, let ClickSweeper manage your campaign, save you time and bring you and your company more profits.