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SEM Integration

Marketers are discovering that the secret to improved campaign performance and marketing ROI can be found through the integration of lead management and PPC campaign management systems. Now, there is an automated solution with the integration of ConversionSweeper lead management system and ClickSweeper PPC campaign management system.

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Set smarter bidding strategies

ClickSweeper provides a full range of bidding strategies so that you can select the one that best matches your business goals.

- Analytics based bidding uses Google analytics data to evaluate and adjust keyword bids

- Rank based bidding optimizes for specific positions and can be modified with keyword bid caps

- Keyword ROI driven bidding allows users to define keyword-specific cost per conversion or ROAS goals

- Budget based bidding optimizes CPC, cost per conversion and spending along with position

- Conversion driven bidding automatically determines target performance goal & optimizes for static and dynamic conversions


Manage bids across extended ad networks

As a premier PPC management software solution, ClickSweeper has the features needed to manage keyword bidding across multiple ad networks including search, display, websites, categories or retargeting.


Manage multiple accounts

As a sophisticated search marketing software solution, ClickSweeper offers several features to help marketers with the time consuming task of managing multiple Google and MSN accounts and campaigns. That means you can easily create, edit and copy campaigns between Google accounts and Google and MSN account.


Automate keyword optimization

Two factors that can have a significant impact on account performance are keyword inventory and filters. To help search marketers optimize keyword performance, ClickSweeper provides automated keyword matching type optimization.


Automate ad copy evaluation

A common but time consuming task of online marketers is ad copy evaluation. ClickSweeper provides features to automate this task and customize the decision criteria for ad copy evaluation. You can schedule the evaluation start date and the time frame for making a decision on the best performing ad copy. ClickSweeper determines the winning ad copy based on the prospect of maximum profit.

Automated or on-demand performance trends & alerts

ClickSweeper keeps you informed of the latest campaign performance trends including clicks, cost per click, conversion, cost per conversion and ROI. ClickSweeper alerts can be set for regular intervals or to display when predetermined parameters are reached. 

Bid Strategies