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Advanced Trend Graphs and Reporting

Getting the performance data from your PPC ads is one thing. Getting it when you need it, in a form you can use, is quite another. Gathering pay-per-click data across multiple campaigns and vendors can be time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, ClickSweeper offers clear, user-friendly PPC trend graphs and ad reports that are always at your fingertips when you need them. Simply log in and click the reports tab to see up-to-date graphs and generate instant reports.

Powerful, Customized Reporting

This is the PPC reporting you’ve been asking for -- literally. We used your feedback and our own experience managing pay per click ads to develop a new reporting system that combines the data you need with an unusual degree of customizability. Need to evaluate account performance at a glance? Save the report as a PDF file? You can do all that and more.

Here’s a small sampling of ClickSweeper’s reporting features:

  • Choose how to view your account trends: weekly (last 4 weeks), or monthly (last three months). Line graphs track clicks, spending, cost per click, cost per conversion, revenue, and ROAS trends.
  • Get the scoop on your campaign at a glance with pie charts that compare spending and conversions between campaigns, plus bar graphs with CPA and ROAS data.
  • Customize your data display with account, campaign, and keyword summaries. Display or hide data columns (spend, CPC, conversion, CPA, revenue, ROAS) so you see only the information that matters to your business.
  • Run and generate reports instantly or schedule them to recur.
  • View and save reports as HTML or PDF files.
  • Add review comments to reports sent to clients or colleagues.
  • Access previously run reports under 'My Reports'.

Instant PPC Trend Graphs

A picture sometimes really is worth a thousand words. PPC trend graphs are a quick, visual way to evaluate the performance of your PPC ad campaigns. ClickSweeper’s flexible graphs offer instant insight into your campaigns on both a short-term and long-term level. You can set daily trend graphs, which include click count, cost per click, and conversion count, to cover the past 7 days or the past 4 weeks. To see the bigger picture, you can also generate a weekly trend graph over 12 weeks. If you choose, you can even set the date parameters yourself and switch between campaign-based graphs and account-based graphs. Together, these graphs offer you the knowledge and power to make good decisions for the future.