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Monthly PPC Budget Bidding


PPC Automation of Monthly Budget Management


For agencies and corporate marketers, managing monthly budget of an account or campaigns can be tedious but important task, since it not only controls ad spending but also affects account performance.

Clicksweper’s monthly budget bidding not only manages ad spending but also optimizes ad performance. With ClickSweeper, budget management activities is automated while ad performance is optimized by click count, conversion, and guaranteed visibility goal.

Below is the summary of Monthly Budget bidding

  • Objective – Manage monthly budget and optimize account performance
  • How It Works - Clicksweeper’s monthly budget management is account level feature that saves monthly budget of up to 12 months. It revises daily spending goal on a daily base to spread the spending throughout the month and pause campaigns if monthly budget is exhausted. It also optimizes keyword bid to achieve more clicks and conversions with campaign’s bid strategy.
  • When to use – Monthly account or campaign ad budget is planned
  • Recommended Users – Marketing agencies and Corporate marketers


This feature is applicable to all campaigns whether campaign bid strategy is turned on or not or whether Google optimizer is on or not. However, it is best optimized when ClickSweeper’s Budget based bidding or Google Optimizer is turned on for most campaigns.



Success Story

Regional Hospital

PPC challenge: The regional hospital advertises departments and doctors through dedicated PPC campaigns. Thus, each department schedules monthly budget ahead and updates it seasonally. The marketing agency used to spend many hours managing over 40 campaigns with monthly budget. While ad spending is tracked weekly, it is almost impossible for all campaigns to spend close to monthly ad budget. As a result, some campaigns overspend monthly budget while other campaigns underspend the budget.

Bidding Strategy: Monthly Campaign Budget based bidding

Results: With this feature from ClickSweeper, the agency saves monthly campaign ad budget ahead. Then, the agency is free from tracking campaign ad spending. It also relies on ClickSweeper for bid optimization to achieve more clicks and conversion. Once campaign’s monthly budget is depleted, campaign is automatically paused until new budget is available from the following month or is added to the campaign.