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PPC management software for Tourism Industry


Just as the requirements differ between industries and individual companies, so do the features offered by various PPC management software vendors. In other words, not all PPC management software is alike and not all is likely the best suited for your business.

In our research and development efforts, we have found that there are PPC campaign requirements typical of certain industries that tend to be particularly well-suited to the features offered by ClickSweeper. In particular, we have found that the requirements of Travel & Tourism companies are especially well-suited to the features offered by ClickSweeper.

The Travel & Tourism industry relies heavily on paid search to generate leads and maximize sales. In this industry, the average sales price is relatively high. To maximize their advertising ROI, tourism and hospitality advertisers want to control both search networks as well as display networks in their bidding. ClickSweeper addresses this requirement by providing campaign management and bidding on both networks. Another characteristic of this industry is that it tends to attract good quality traffic from MSN Bing search as well as Google search. As a result, advertisers in this industry typically place a high level of importance on PPC bid management software that offers features covering both Google and MSN. This requirement is met through ClickSweeper’s bidding & campaign management feature; one of the features is campaign copy from Google campaign to MSN instantly.

Another characteristic commonly seen with companies in Travel & Tourism industries is that they tend to generate a high number of conversions. This characteristic is a prerequisite for running campaigns utilizing conversion based and ROI based bidding. While we have seen many companies, particularly in the hospitality industry, rely on position based bidding; the trend favors ROI based bidding that maximizes conversions while containing acquisition costs. ClickSweeper’s bid management feature supports ROI driven bidding, position driven bidding and analytics based bidding. It also provides the flexibility to manage bid strategy at the keyword level giving advertisers the ability to select any one of the three bidding options for any keyword.

Finally, the economical pricing packages offered with ClickSweeper tends to win the favor of businessman who have a good ad budget but still want to lower software cost in Travel & Tourism industries.

In review, the close alignment of the features and pricing of ClickSweeper with the requirements of advertisers in Travel & Tourism industries makes it one of most well-suited PPC management software options available for these companies.