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Travel & Tourism, E-Commerce, Marketing Agency and Product/Service Companies.

Managed Service Solution Package


Software Features

ClickSweeper’s Marketing Agency Solutions Package features a variety of bidding strategies to match the varying business objectives of each agency client. The software allows you to set bidding strategy at the campaign & keyword level. With ClickSweeper you can set bidding strategies based on any of the following:

  • Keyword ROI
  • Conversion driven
  • Budget driven
  • Rank driven
  • Analytics based

ClickSweeper software also includes a number of features to help those new to PPC advertising or lacking in-house expertise manage and optimize campaign performance. These include:

  • Optimize keyword inventory with matching type
  • Evaluation of ad copy performance based on the return on ad spending
  • Management reports that help advertisers monitor ad performance by revenue and ROI
  • Campaign trend, trigger and performance alerts to help advertisers can stay on top of their campaigns
  • Streamlined create, edit and copy of campaigns, ad group, ad copy and keywords

On Demand or Scheduled Reporting

ClickSweeper provides three types of reporting:

  • Account Summary Report provides a summary of campaign and ad group performance along with the 10 best performing keywords
  • Keyword Detailed Report lists all keywords that generated a click
  • Account Trend Report includes weekly or monthly trend graphs and a campaign and keyword performance summary

These reports can be called up on demand as needed or scheduled at regular intervals.

Managed Service

With the Managed Service Solutions Package, our team of experts works as your ClickSweeper administrator to optimize account performance. While ClickSweeper software includes all of the features necessary to optimize campaign performance, utilizing the features optimally takes some experience and a good understanding of Google AdWords and search engine marketing. For those who don’t have this expertise in-house, the Managed Service Solutions Package is available to ensure you get the most from ClickSweeper and your campaigns.

Product Training

ClickSweeper offers free product training to ensure that our customers are familiar with all of the software features and understand how to utilize the features to get the maximum benefit for their business. Additionally, your account manager will provide assistance with the initial account set-up.

Customer Support

The ClickSweeper Customer Support team members are not only ClickSweeper software experts but also knowledgeable in AdWords, SEM, analytics and website marketing. They are available to assist you with both technical and marketing questions.


Pricing for the ClickSweeper Managed Service Solutions Package is only $400 per month or 10% of ad spending whichever is greater.