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State Tourism Bureau

The client is state department of parks & tourism. Their site is designed to promote family vacation, romantic getaways, and business meetings in the state.

PPC challenge: Optimize PPC campaigns by lowering cost per lead and increase the number of leads for the same ad budget.

Bidding strategy: Keyword ROI bidding by target cost/conversion

ClickSweeper Solutions Package: Managed Service Solution

Results: Two months after implementing ClickSweeper, conversion count increased by 52% and cost per acquisition decreased from $28.43 to $20.73; a 27% reduction. This client has been a satisfied ClickSweeper customer since 2011.


Communication Technology Company

This is a corporate client with over 20,000 employees and $5 billion in annual revenue. Their target market includes both large corporations and SMB in more than 100 countries.

PPC challenge: Find an automated solution that would help improve their PPC campaign productivity and ROI as well as streamline the time consuming tasks required to manage multiple search marketing accounts.

Bidding strategy: Keyword ROI bidding & rank based bidding

ClickSweeper Solutions Package: Company Solution

Results: The client was able to test different bidding strategies and find the option that best fit their business objectives. Initially the client used ClickSweeper's ROI bidding with target cost per acquisition. However, since they have many high performing keywords they found that rank based bidding was a better fit. Additionally the client was able to save time by managing 4 separate Google and MSN accounts under ClickSweeper.


Online Cellphone Store

This is an e-Commerce company that sells cell phones and accessories.

PPC challenge: Similar to many e-Commerce businesses, this client has over 50,000 keywords to manage in Google alone. They also manage a MSN account and frequently needed to copy campaigns from Google to MSN. This client was looking for an automated solution that would help them manage their large number of keywords, streamline the management of campaigns between Google and MSN and optimize campaign performance.

Bidding strategy: Keyword ROI bidding

ClickSweeper Solutions Package: e-Commerce Solution

Results: The client realized significant time savings by using ClickSweeper’s campaign copy feature to copy Google campaigns and Adgroup to MSN. The client implemented ClickSweeper’s bidding based on target ROI and cost per acquisition which resulted in lowering their cost per acquisition as well as saving time by reducing the number of manual bid updates. This satisfied client has been with us since 2010.


Digital Marketing Agency

The client is digital marketing agency providing SEM services to small companies and local businesses.

PPC challenge: Efficiently manage multiple client accounts and generate economical clicks or high ranked ads with predictable monthly result.

Bidding strategy: Budget based & rank based bidding

ClickSweeper Solutions Package: Agency Solution

Results: With the flexibility of ClickSweeper’s 5 bidding options, the agency was able to select the bidding strategy that best met the different needs of its clients. The agency implemented rank driven bidding for its small company accounts and budget based bidding for its local business clients. Using ClickSweeper’s reporting function the agency was able to generate regularly scheduled private label reports for its clients. This client has been profiting from the benefits of ClickSweeper since 2008.


Telephone Carrier

This client is a full service telephone carrier. The company sells various telephone services and applications.

PPC challenge: Increase online leads quickly without increasing cost per lead. The company was running Google and MSN paid campaigns with a monthly budget of $10,000.

Bidding strategy: Keyword ROI bidding by target cost/conversion

ClickSweeper Solutions Package: Managed Service Solution

Results: Conversion count, after just two months of ClickSweeper managed service, increased 253% to 414 per month and cost per lead declined to $52.45 for a 22% cost reduction.


IT Training Service

The client is a certified online training site. They must register at least 10 students per class.

PPC challenge: The client was running Google ads but continued to have difficulty generating enough leads and conversions to obtain the required 10 students per class.

Bidding strategy: Rank driven with rank adjustment based on conversion performance

ClickSweeper Solutions Package: Managed Service Solution

Results: Prior to their ClickSweeper subscription, the client managed their Google AdWords account without tracking conversions. As a consequence, they were not able to optimize ad performance or, even more importantly, generate enough leads to fulfill the minimum class size. After implementing ClickSweeper’s Managed Service Solution the client was able to start tracking conversions and optimize campaigns and account spending by utilizing automated rank bidding based on keyword performance. Not only were campaigns and spending optimized but their search campaigns started to generate enough leads to open two classes per month. This client is now using ClickSweeper to manage both Google and MSN search advertising.