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ROI bidding for E-Commerce PPC & Google Shopping


ClickSweeper software provides keyword based or product listing ad bid optimization service while professional staff offers consultation on initial campaign setup and product data feed management.

ClickSweeper has been known to provide superior e-commerce optimization feature with keyword ROI bidding, ROI driven ad copy review and keyword matching type optimization.

Google shopping is only active with timely weekly or monthly product or inventory update. For this to be performed, marketing staff needs to update product info or inventory with data feed on a weekly or monthly base.

Below is the summary of Keyword ROI bidding

  • Objective – Maximize revenue and profit
  • How It Works - ClickSweeper automatically and daily rebids to achieve a target roi of sponsored search ad for product ad. The ‘Max Bid’ setting can be implemented to cap the bidding at an appropriate point, eliminating unwanted high-priced bids.
  • When to Use - This bidding strategy is a favorite for online merchant and corporate shopping site.
  • Recommended Users – ecommerce owners, online marketing manager

Our professional staff works with the marketer or business owner to recommend optimal target ROAS or cost per conversion goal. Then, ROI bidding drives spending to maximize profit.

Professional Service (Optional)

  • Monthly data feed management
  • Campaign development and optimization



Success Story


A4C is an online retailer with over 5 years of experience in the electronic and cellular accessories industry. From the outset Google AdWords was a large part of its initial growth.

PPC challenge: What A4C wanted was to maintain control of product listing ad bidding in addition to general campaign management.

Bidding Strategy: Keyword ROI bidding

Results: A4C continues to grow and develop new and more complex AdWords campaigns. ClickSweeper helped lower A4C’s cost-per-click rate, simultaneously raise the conversion rate, and still kept the fee structure simple and straightforward. For over 5 years, A4C.com has been a leading online retailer in the cellphone accessory and consumer electronics industry.